Case Studies

Yes, your child can succeed in school! See how these Learning Bee’s overcame their academic fears, grew in self-esteem and learned to love learning.

Making Amazing Gains

Meet Ajay! He joined Miss B’s back in the fall as a Kindergartener. Upon entering the program, his report card revealed that he was developing (D) an understanding of the skills needed. Ajay maintained his attendance and worked hard throughout the year. He continued making tremendous gains in IXL and IReady programs. He concluded the year (MA) mastering/proficient understanding of the skills needed to succeed. This is one example of many success stories we have at Miss B’s.

Miss bs student

Achieving Reading Proficiency

Mateo would literally beat himself in the head because he thought he was dumb. By first grade he was not reading and was in danger of being held back. As a child of Columbian immigrants, Mateo’s first language was not English and he needed intensive work to both improve his self esteem and bring him up to grade level. Miss B’s worked with him all year and all summer into 2nd grade. Eventually he was able to read an entire page. . .and then an entire book. By the time he took the 3rd grade exam, Mateo was a confident learner and passed on the first try.


Math to the Second Power

Jalissa is a 2nd generation Miss B’s learner. Her Mom was one of the original students around Miss B’s kitchen table. She made it through high school and is now married. Mom works full time and struggles to parent Jalissa alone while her husband is in jail. When Jalissa started to struggle with math – Mom was there to help her. But instead of teaching her math skills – Mom completed her homework for her! She could solve the problems but could not explain to her daughter how to do it.

In 3rd grade Jalissa was retained twice before she came to Miss B’s. The first day she was taught how to complete her math homework. She was so excited to tell her Mom how she’d calculated the answers herself.

Miss bs student

Creating Confidence in Speaking and Learning

Antoine – a native Creole speaker from Haiti – he came to Miss’s B’s as a 3rd grader with very limited speech and no self-confidence. The idea of wanting to learn anything overwhelmed him. Working with Miss B’s Antoine has developed the confidence and the focus to become an independent learner and is on level for sixth grade.