Devoted to Children

We’re Changing the Face of Poverty through Education

Miss B’s Learning Bees is devoted to helping children living in poverty become proficient in school. At no cost to their families, Miss B’s provides comprehensive learning support to families from underserved communities by removing or ameliorating the obstacles to learning that each child faces. The newly implemented Project COAEP has increased accessibility to extended learning opportunities, is helping bridge the digital divide and providing behavioral services for families that reside in high poverty communities. Miss B’s is changing the face of poverty and the lack of proficiency in Indian River County, one child, one family at a time.

Our Vision
We envision a community in which every child in Indian River County has the tools and the support they need to compete and accomplish their goals.
This year Miss B’s will spend $6,500 for each child enrolled in the program. Each child is enrolled free of charge. That is a comparatively small gift to make to ensure a child can succeed. Still many children languish on Miss B’s waiting list – waiting for someone to donate the funds for them to receive the support they need to succeed in school.

Together, we can change the face of poverty in Indian River County.

Our Mission
Miss B’s Learning Bees assists children and families by providing access to academic support and behavioral services designed to help students reach and maintain proficiency.

Our Core Values
Children growing up in poverty and dropping out of school is a community-wide problem that can be corrected. At Miss B’s we are dedicated to changing the face of poverty in Indian River County through education.

We exist to provide:

  • The Opportunity for Indian River County children to compete in life regardless of their socioeconomic status;
  • The time, resources, and support students need to help them become successful.
  • Access for Indian River County children to a high-quality afterschool program which implements best practices for results; and,
  • Access for Indian River County families to resources that are not readily available in their communities.

One child, one family at a time.

miss b's student