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We seek to be partners in your child’s progress.

It is Miss B’s primary goal to assist every child in reaching and maintaining proficiency in the areas of reading, math, and science. Parenting is not easy, and we seek to be partners in your child’s progress. Along the way, we aspire to see your child move from being a passive learner to be an inspired, self-confident, and motivated learner. We want to teach them how to learn and to have fun in the process.

If you think Miss B’s is right for your child, please email complete an enrollment application below.

The program is free for parents so that you may focus on supporting your child’s learning.
Our funders subsidize each child in the program to cover the cost of $6,500 per year per child.

We provide academic enrichment Monday – Thursday from 3 – 7 pm on-line; Monday and Wednesday from 4 – 6 pm at the West Wabasso Outreach Center and Tuesday and Thursday at the Intergenerational Center 4 – 6 pm; in groups with no more than three students to ensure individualized academic support year.

Research reflects there is a direct correlation between the amount of time students spend in the afterschool program and the grades they receive.  The more students are actively engaged in an afterschool program that offers academic support with knowledgeable adults the more successful these students are in the classroom. Each child enrolled in the program is expected to attend 50% of the sessions that are offered.  For example, we offer academic enrichment four days a week.  They are expected to attend at least two days a week.  Although they are welcomed to attend each day if choose.

First and foremost, we require you to support your child’s consistent attendance. Research shows that the more children are present in the afterschool program, the more successful they become in reaching and maintaining proficiency.

The following are essential parts of the parent/guardian contract:

Miss B’s Learning Bee’s afterschool academic enrichment program is a free program, but participation and consistent child’s attendance are mandatory for them to be successful. Each child is required to be in attendance for the entire time allotted.

As a growing nonprofit, there will be times when your active involvement is needed for special events, field trips, and volunteering to host events with other nonprofit organizations.

We ask all parents to give at least five hours to the organization during the academic school year or during the Summer Learning program.

Miss B’s communicates with each child’s teacher to better support the child. Miss B’s may also request and receive documents from a child’s teacher and school. This information is limited to information only including assessment results of I-Ready Growth Monitoring/Diagnostic Assessments results and the Florida Standard’s Assessment report.

Transportation is one of the greatest barriers to services for families that reside in high-poverty communities.  Our goal is to eliminate every possible barrier that can prevent our families from receiving academic enrichment so we also provide transportation services to our families.  Transportation is offered to our participants four days a week to ensure they are able to get the help they so desperately need.  Transportation is available Monday thru Thursday. 

Download and fill out the application below.

Yes, up to two children from one household may be enrolled at the same time.

Children may be enrolled from the time they attend kindergarten through grade 12.

Students enrolled in the program benefit from our services in different ways. First, they develop self-confidence – they learn that if they try, and are persistent, they can be successful. Second, they learn to work well with others, become aware of their feelings, and learn self–advocacy. Third, they receive mentorship from our volunteers which extends beyond the classroom to help them navigate challenges and build self-esteem. 

The afterschool program currently utilizes a waiting list to monitor the demand for access into our program.  If your child is placed on a waiting list it does no mean all hope is gone. We are working daily to increase the amount of resources so that we are able to serve every child that will benefit from access to our program. 

Miss B’s primary goal is to assist children from high pockets of poverty in reaching and maintaining proficiency in areas of reading, math and science. Miss B’s is different than any other afterschool program because of our unique approach. We mobilize the services needed while also eliminating the barrier of transportation, which increases access. Each of our students works one on one with a certified/ retired teacher to help fill the cracks in their academic foundation. We also utilize an online learning system that develops Individual Actions Plans for each student. Each action plan is unique and specific to the child’s needs. This year we will begin to work with a Behavior Analyst to assist students with improving their overall behaviors.

Yes, all enrolled students are asked to:

  • help their family members remember the days they have academic enrichment.
  • attend as many sessions as they can.
  • not give up when it gets tough.
  • complete their lessons in order and not pick things that are easy for them.
  • ask for help when they do not understand.
  • follow directions given by the teachers and volunteers at their site.
  • do all of their homework.
  • check FOCUS each Wednesday to monitor their homework.
  • do their personal BEST.
  • have FUN while learning.

In the event of inclement weather, Miss B’s Learning Bee’s follows the school district’s lead for cancellations. If the School District cancels school, the Academic Enrichment program will be canceled. If the Academic Enrichment program is in session, and the weather becomes dangerous, the parents are encouraged to arrive early to pick up their children from their prospective sites.

Yes — we support ESOL students too!

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