The Mayfield Minute

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I was honored to be featured in Senator Debbie Mayfield’s newsletter this week!

“Our Constituent of the Week is Latoya “Miss B” Bullard. Nearly two decades ago, Miss B envisioned a community in which every child in Indian River County would have the tools and the support needed to compete and accomplish their goals. That vision became a reality when she established Miss B’s Learning Bees.   

She held the first academic enrichment program for children struggling in school in 2006 and was quickly recognized as a Distinguished Educator by the Florida Department of Education. 

Miss B has always said, “I believed and continue to believe, that if we provide students with the time, support, and resources they need, they will be successful.”

By 2014 she had assisted over 75 children and Miss B’s Learning Bees was established as a 501(c) 3 non-profit. Her data told an amazing story, an astounding 98% of the students in the program experienced increased scores in their school performance.

“We started by helping children reach proficiency in reading, math, and science by providing academic enrichment and learning opportunities beyond the school day,” she said.

In her program, each student works one on one with a certified/retired teacher to help close the gaps in their academic foundation through the creation of an Individual Action Plan for each student specific to their learning needs. Miss B also established a collaborative program with a Behavior Analyst to improve student behaviors known to hinder learning. 

Further, Miss B identified that transportation and food insecurity are significant challenges to a child’s success. She opened “neighborhood hubs” in Oslo, Gifford, and Wabasso allowing students the convenience of a neighborhood location for after school learning and minimized their worries about their next meal. All students in Miss B’s program receive a wholesome snack and drink before they begin after school academics. Before they leave for home, they are also provided a healthy dinner.  There is no charge at Miss B’s Learning Bees for students. 

Miss B was born and raised in Indian River County, was a member of the first graduating class of Sebastian River High School, and graduated from Benedict College in Columbia, SC. Senate District 17 benefits from her compassion as a teacher, mentor, education advocate, and friend to students and families in our community.”

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