The Bee Line Express

Transportation Services

Empowering Students and Families Through Accessible Transportation Services

The Bee Line Express eliminates the barrier of transportation and creates a seamless path for students and families to access essential academic and behavioral services. Our number one goal for each participant continues to be proficiency. We understand reliable transportation plays a crucial role in ensuring access to increase each child’s opportunities for educational success. This is why we have designed a comprehensive transportation service.

Our Mission
Increase access to academic and medical services for children and youth by providing alternative methods of mobility and eliminate the barrier of transportation for children to improve quality of life.

Our Vision:
We envision a community where no child is left behind due to transportation limitations. Our vision is to create a seamless and inclusive transportation network that bridges the gap between high poverty communities and essential services, empowering children and families to thrive.

The Bee Line Express Helps Parents by:
Transporting Children to the Afterschool Program: Miss B’s offers transportation services to support participants that face challenges in accessing the afterschool program. The Bee Line Express transports students to and from home.
Transporting Children to Medical Services: Health is a fundamental aspect of a child’s well-being and ability to thrive academically. The Bee Line Express is dedicated to facilitating transportation to identified medical services to ensure students receive the care they need.

Eliminates the Barrier of Transportation by:
Increasing Accessibility for All: We take pride in our commitment to equity and social responsibility. The Bee Line Express focuses on supporting families from high poverty communities, where transportation obstacles can often hinder access to vital services. By bridging this gap, we strive to level the playing field and empower every student to reach their full potential.

Commitment to Equity:
We firmly believe that access to quality transportation should not be a privilege but a right for all. We are dedicated to promoting equity by ensuring that every child has equal access to educational opportunities, medical services, and other vital resources.

Embracing Educational Success:
Our mission goes beyond transportation; it is about empowering students to excel academically and having successful outcomes throughout life. By removing transportation barriers, we enable students to access the support they need, ensuring they have an equal opportunity to succeed in their educational journey.